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Are you planning a conference or meeting with participants from different countries, speaking different languages? If so, we can help you. Pinnacle interpretation provides specialized simultaneous interpretation services for training seminars, industry conferences, sales meetings, site- tours or government officials meeting on an international agenda. We are the complete language solution provider for your event, providing expert simultaneous interpreters, modern simultaneous interpretation equipments, qualified technicians, and translated materials for your participants.


We understand that interpretation is a demanding, highly skilled craft requiring enormous concentration. The appropriate words, that convey the same meaning as the speaker's message, must automatically come to the interpreter's mind in the target language.


That is why we assign only those interpreters to your project who are native speakers of the language and who have in- depth knowledge of the subject matter. Our interpreters have a high level of expertise and extensive experience in this field. They continually work at honing their skills and are constantly improving their knowledge of the terminology of the various subject matters in which they specialize. This ensures that the interpretation service you receive is of the highest quality and accuracy.


We also rent state- of- the- art conference equipment such as interpretation booths, receivers, headsets, microphones etc. at competitive prices. We even have the necessary expertise to install the equipments, and monitor them during the conference. We can provide all kind of equipment mentioned in the side bar of the website like.

Onsite Consecutive Interpretation


Pinnacle Interpretation is a leader in the area of consecutive interpretations. Onsite consecutive interpretation services involve having one or more of our top interpreters at your location that listen to a phrase, wait for the speaker to finish their idea or phrase and then interpret for the audience as the speaker waits in silence for the interpreter to finish. In other words, there is normally only one person talking at a time. This format is often used in smaller settings where the use of simultaneous interpretations would be too costly and inefficient due to use of the required equipment, such as headsets and transmitting equipment.


Our interpreters are specifically trained in consecutive interpretations as it is important that key elements are not lost while the speaker finishes the phrase or segment. Trusted Translations is your cost- effective solution for your onsite consecutive interpretations needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation


Simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter relays the message in the target language simultaneously with the speaker is often reserved for court interpretation that requires a court certified interpreter.


Conference interpretation is performed simultaneously and is appropriate when there is a need to address large audiences. In addition, specialized conference equipment is also needed to ensure the conference runs smoothly and with minimal interference for audiences of different languages. Pinnacle Interpretation conference interpreters are highly regarded professionals in their field and are in high demand.



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